[Spambayes] not recognizing spam as taught

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jan 24 04:21:16 CET 2005

> The program seems to inconsistently decide what messages
> are spam.
> Today the program left a spam message with "viagra" in
> both the "from" and the "subject," and with a "combined score"
> of 100%, in my inbox instead of moving it to the spam box.
> The program should have enough training by now to AT LEAST
> recognize that viagra messages are spam.  What's up?

A score of 100% is as high as possible - SpamBayes cannot be more sure that
this message is spam.  The problem you are having is not recognising that
mail is spam, but that spam is not moving to the spam folder.

Check that your settings in the Filtering tab of the Manager dialog are
correct (particularly that a valid folder is selected).  If that doesn't
help, please send us a copy of your most recent log files (see the
troubleshooting guide for information about how to find those).


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