[Spambayes] Suggestion

Johan Geertsma Johan.Geertsma at connection1.nl
Mon Jan 24 10:25:59 CET 2005


Thank you very very very much for this GREAT and GOOD product.
Only little training needed and now all my spam is filtered.

I have a suggestion. Our situation: Several different users on the same
I found the solution for this... Can't you make an option during
installation to make it 
available to the current user or all users? Many programs ask this.....

But my other suggestion is this: Make the data folder adjustable. Why? So I
point it to
a network drive and in this way all users have the same DB. This would be
really great.
Not only for more than one user, but also the user can put the files on an
other local drive.
I for example have all my data on my D drive. I never lost my data if I have
to reinstall windows.

Please consider this option.

Kind Regards,
Johan Geertsma

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