[Spambayes] 500 Server error???

Peter Strömberg peter.stromberg at telia.com
Tue Jan 25 21:48:14 CET 2005

Hi there! 
i am having a problem with this 500server error. I can´t figure out what to do. Spambayes worked before i reinstalled XP. You have this explanation in the FAQ´s but I still don´t know what to do. Can you please help me. i really want to use spamBayes for my outlook express 6. 


If you have an existing database and use the web interface to change to a pickle, you'll get a '500' error as spambayes tries to open your non-pickle as a pickle. You can simply stop SpamBayes, remove the old database, and start SpamBayes up again to fix this

This is coming up every time i am trying to enter the configuration. 
500 Server error
Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "spambayes\Dibbler.pyc", line 461, in found_terminator

  File "spambayes\UserInterface.pyc", line 627, in onConfig

  File "spambayes\UserInterface.pyc", line 641, in _buildConfigPage

  File "spambayes\PyMeldLite.pyc", line 738, in __setattr__

  File "spambayes\PyMeldLite.pyc", line 654, in _replaceNodeContent

  File "spambayes\PyMeldLite.pyc", line 640, in _nodeListFromSource

  File "spambayes\PyMeldLite.pyc", line 574, in _generateTree

  File "spambayes\PyMeldLite.pyc", line 499, in feed

ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 36
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