[Spambayes] Moving spam to the junk folder

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jan 26 00:20:22 CET 2005

[Robert Mezzone]
> This is a known issue when certain versions of Outlook
> and Exchange are used together. I can check the version
> numbers if you are interested.

I definitely am.  This comes up _really_ often.  It would be good to have a
FAQ that listed specific version numbers.

When you say "known issue", do you mean just with SpamBayes, or is this
wider than that?  I don't suppose you know of a Microsoft kb article about
it?  (I've looked in the past, but never managed to find anything, but then
I'm not great at searching the Microsoft kb).

> I believe it's newer versions of Outlook with older
> versions of Exchange, i.e. Outlook 2003 and Exchange
> 5.5 exhibit this behavior.

I see it with Outlook 2002 SP2 (is there any way a regular user can check
their Exchange version?).


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