[Spambayes] Using Spambayes with Outlook Express

Oliveri aoliveri at rochester.rr.com
Wed Jan 26 02:36:03 CET 2005

I have Outlook Express and dowloaded Spambayes. I believe I followed the instructions on what to do if I have a pop3 server, although I don't know what "install a binary version" means.  I configured it. But when I open up the spambayes web interface and try to do the following:
1.Train on proxied messages: I clicked "review messages", and got a page that said: This Page cannot be displayed"
the address on the page was http://localhost.8880/review
2.I went down to Train on a message,mboxfile or dbxfile. I clicked "browse", chose my e-mail icon, and when I clicked "Train as Spam", got a blank page.
When I clicked on "Train as Ham", I got "This page cannot be displayed".
I guess I don't know how to use Spambayes. Can anyone help?
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