[Spambayes] RE: Thanks

Tony Meyer ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Jan 26 02:59:45 CET 2005

[Re: [spambayes-bugs] [ spambayes-Bugs-1109526 ] Can't Move the items]

> Sorry to report a bug that has already been reported but 
> thanks for the quick response to my bug report.

No worries.

> I am not a 
> computer programmer, but from what I can decipher from the 
> records, it looks like that If I get a newer version of Outlook 
> this problem may go away for me.  Is that so?

Yes.  Actually, this is specific to 2002, so an *older* version (2000) would
also work (going up is probably better than going down, though).

What to do really depends on your specific situation.  If you use the
'Advanced Find & Drag' functionality a lot, then if it's simple to upgrade
to OL2003, then that would certainly solve the problem.  If you don't use
the functionality much, then you can probably ignore the problem.  If you
use it a lot and upgrading isn't simple, then maybe you'll need to find a
different filter (the problem isn't specific to SpamBayes, but it's possible
that other filters operate in different ways so don't trigger the Outlook


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