[Spambayes] SpamBayes 1.0.2 in Outlook "hangs"...

Taed Wynnell TaedN at vertical.com
Thu Jan 27 21:02:09 CET 2005

First off, I've been running 1.0.1 for a while with no issues, so this
is something new about 1.0.2.

I installed 1.0.2 this morning, it seemed to install fine, and after
restarting Outlook, SpamBayes appears dead.  It was not sorting mail,
and when I click on the SpamBayes menu, it does not pull down or appear
to respond to my mouse click.  Likewise, it did nothing when I clicked
on "Delete As Spam".  However, Outlook is fine; I can read all my email
just fine.

I then restored 1.0.1, and all is fine again, so that at least rules out
any Outlook Exchange Server issues.

I'm running (gasp) Windows NT Server SP 6a plus all major hotfixes and
Outlook 2002 SP 3 plus all major hotfixes.

Feel free to contact me about which log files to send or other tests
that should be done...

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