[Spambayes] Spabayes download

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Jan 28 00:10:51 CET 2005

(Opps.  Missed this one).

> I have had your Spambayes program for a long time on several 
> machines. The program is great I think. Now, something has 
> happened to one of my computers, the program doesn't work.  I 
> have tried to uninstall it many times and to re-install it 
> again. Every time I try to install it says at the end of the 
> installation that " an application of MSVCR71.dll" was not 
> found and it recommends to re-install it again but I don't 
> get any where. 

This is a flaw in the 1.0.2 release, sorry.  Either reinstalled 1.0.1, or
wait for about an hour and install 1.0.3.  My apologies for any


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