[Spambayes] Using Spambayes with Outlook Express

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Jan 28 03:05:46 CET 2005

> When I click onto the spambayes icon that appears on my 
> desktop toolbar, and click "review messages", I get the spambayes web 
> interface, and it always says: there are no untrained 
> messages to display. 

If you have received mail, then it sounds like you haven't configured
Outlook Express to connect to your POP3 server via SpamBayes.  The
instructions in FAQ 4.21 might help:


> Also, I should tell you that, along with the spambayes tray icon
> on my desktop, there is another icon that is labeled: _pop3proxy...

This is a quirk of the 1.0.x series (it will be fixed in 1.1).
_pop3proxyham.mbox and _pop3proxyspam.mbox files will be created in the
'current working directory' if you use the "Train" box on the front of the
web interface (which you shouldn't need to do).  You can simply delete those


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