[Spambayes] Re: Spam Bayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jan 30 23:54:31 CET 2005

> Does this spam product do ssl email? I work for Virginia Tech.
> And they use ssl pop 3.

> SpamBayes is not concerned with how the mail gets to your 
> machine.  It scores the mail once it's there.  You're going 
> to be better off asking questions on the mailing list, 
> spambayes at python.org, to which I've cc'd this note.

I'm not sure what the context of the original message is, but as a
clarifying note:

Although the tokenization/classification part of SpamBayes isn't concerned
which how the mail gets to your machine, some of the applications (sb_server
and sb_imapfilter) are.  If you're planning on using either of those (rather
than the Outlook plug-in or the command line scripts like sb_filter), then
delivery is a concern.

The 1.0.x sb_server does *not* work over an SSL connection.  In CVS HEAD
sb_server partially works with SSL - the connection between SpamBayes and
the server can be over can SSL connection, but the connection between
SpamBayes and the mail client cannot.  More support than this will be
difficult to add, since it means that sb_server will need to act as a SSL
server, and there isn't really any code for that in the Python standard
library, so we'd have to use something else (e.g. pyOpenSSL), which has
various implications.  I have no intention of adding such support myself, so
further progress would probably require a patch to be contributed.


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