[Spambayes] Duplicate messages handled differently...?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jan 31 06:54:37 CET 2005

> As per your suggestion below, I have been looking at the logs 
> just after identical messages are moved to my Spam folder and 
> also into my Review folder.
> When that happens, the log shows only the message that is 
> moved to the Spam folder, as, for example:
> Message 'PayPal Account Security Measures' in 'Desktop/Inbox' 
> had a Spam classification of 'Yes'
> The message that is moved to the Review folder seems not to 
> be mentioned in the log at all. I thought for a moment that a 
> copy of the message was being generated on my machine, but 
> that is not the case, as they each have distinct Message-IDs.

Is there any way that Outlook could be moving the message (a rule, for
example)?  It really shouldn't be possible for SpamBayes to process a
message without generating the log entry.

If you disable/uninstall (doesn't effect training/configuration) do any
messages end up in the Review folder?  If so, then something else is
obviously to blame (I can't see how, but maybe a second SpamBayes instance?
Or Outlook, or another plugin?).  If not, then maybe it is SpamBayes somehow
- but I can't think of where to even start looking in the code.


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