[Spambayes] IMAP problem

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Jan 31 07:10:35 CET 2005

> ping. . .

Sorry - I don't usually manage to have any time for SpamBayes during the
weekend, and it's a public holiday here today (Monday), so I'm only in for a

> I  can sit  there and watch the flagging process, duplicates being made, 
> then deleted,  copies going into the suspect/unsure/ham folders, etc. 

BTW, the 1.1 sb_imapfilter does much less of this - good mail should never
need to be duplicated at all.

>   09:54.49 > DMPL98 UID FETCH 45405 (FLAGS INTERNALDATE)
>   09:54.49 < * 23 FETCH (UID 45405 FLAGS () INTERNALDATE "28-Jan-2005
> 00:50:30 -0500")
>   09:54.49 < DMPL98 OK UID FETCH complete.
>   09:54.51 > DMPL99 APPEND "Spambayes/SB_suspect" "28-Jan-2005 00:50:30
> -0500" {3258}
>   09:54.51 < + Ready to receive 3258 bytes
>   09:54.51 write literal size 3258
>   09:54.52 < DMPL99 OK APPEND complete.
>   09:54.52 > DMPL100 UID STORE 45405 +FLAGS.SILENT (\Deleted \Seen)
>   09:54.52 < DMPL100 OK UID STORE complete.

Strange.  This all looks good - it fetches message 45405, decides that it's
suspect, appends a copy to the suspect folder and stores the \Deleted and
\Seen flags for the original.  No errors anywhere.  The other messages in
the output looked the same.

Two thoughts:

  1.  You said that one batch did work properly, so it's possible (though
unlikely) that the output was for that session.  You could change your batch
file to include -i4 (but without the redirect) and watch it do it's work.
Each time there is an APPEND there should be the two STORE lines as in the
above (one asking for the STORE and one confirming that it was done).  If it
all appears as it should, then maybe we should try STORE'ing flags for a
message manually, and seeing if that works.

  2.  You could give the CVS version of sb_imapfilter a go.  It is improved
in many ways, although it obviously hasn't been tested by as many people.
It's possible that it fixes this problem, although it wouldn't be
deliberately since I haven't seen this before.  If you do decide to do that,
then you get to get a copy of the whole spambayes package (as described on
sourceforge: http://sf.net/projects/spambayes) and then run "setup.py
install --force" (if you ran "setup.py install" previously).


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