[Spambayes] IMAP problem

Hans Henderson hans at pobox.com
Mon Jan 31 08:41:37 CET 2005

Thanks for responding on a long weekend Tony, and especially for the 
details to help me analyse the errors myself. I will watch for messages 
specifically from sessions where the duplicates are left in the INBOX.

I guess the 1.1 sb_imapfilter is part of the "CVS" version? (I've no idea 
what that means, but will make the time to research it out.)

> BTW, the 1.1 sb_imapfilter does much less of this - good mail should 
never need to be duplicated at all.

>   1.  You said that one batch did work properly, so it's possible (though
> unlikely) that the output was for that session.  You could change your
> batch file to include -i4 (but without the redirect) and watch it do it's
> work. Each time there is an APPEND there should be the two STORE lines as
> in the above (one asking for the STORE and one confirming that it was
> done).  If it all appears as it should, then maybe we should try
> STORE'ing flags for a message manually, and seeing if that works.

>   2.  You could give the CVS version of sb_imapfilter a go.  It is
> improved in many ways, although it obviously hasn't been tested by as
> many people. It's possible that it fixes this problem, although it
> wouldn't be deliberately since I haven't seen this before.  If you do
> decide to do that, then you get to get a copy of the whole spambayes
> package (as described on sourceforge: http://sf.net/projects/spambayes)
> and then run "setup.py install --force" (if you ran "setup.py install"
> previously).


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