[Spambayes] IMAP problem

Hans Henderson hans at pobox.com
Mon Jan 31 09:06:07 CET 2005

>   1.  You said that one batch did work properly, so it's possible (though 
unlikely) that the output was for that session.  You could change your 
batch file to include -i4 (but without the redirect) and watch it do it's 
work. Each time there is an APPEND there should be the two STORE lines as 
in the above (one asking for the STORE and one confirming that it was 

OK, here's an edited screenscrape of 6 messages being processed, all of 
which were both copied to the SUSPECT or UNSURE folders (and left in the 
INBOX showing the flag for deletion status). Further copies of all six were 
also left in the INBOX without the delete flag.

I left only the "append" section of the screen text for each message 
processed, except for the last one in case there's something relevant there.

>  If it all appears as it should, then maybe we should try STORE'ing flags 
for a message manually, and seeing if that works.

If you think we should try that, please let me know how, I've never chatted 
directly with an IMAP server <g>.

Before checking out the CVS version, I will also see if there's a newer 
version of my IMAP server (Mercury)

And thanks again for your help. . .

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