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Jim Miller jim_miller at cox.net
Tue Jun 14 23:21:32 CEST 2005

Ok.  I just don't get it.  This tool is not working.  My menu, from the System Tray, says "Stop Spambayes, review messages, view info, configure, check for version, exit spambayes".  The stop will stop the running sp_service.exe. The review messages says I have no messages waiting for review [There are no untrained messages to display. Return Home, or check again.].  The view info takes me to a screen that says:
POP3 proxy running on 110, proxying to pop.central.cox.net:110. 
Active POP3 conversations: 0.
POP3 conversations this session: 0.
Emails classified this session: 0 spam, 0 ham, 0 unsure.
Total emails trained: Spam: 4 Ham: 0

Configure takes me to the configuration page at localhost:8880.  Configure does not show me anything I recognise as a problem.  It was set up according to your instructions.

And exit will stop the program.

I am still receiving spam.  There is nothing to review.

What am I doing wrong?

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  Please note that the spambayes-dev list is for discussion about the development of SpamBayes. General questions, bug reports, and so forth should be directed to spambayes at python.org.

  SpamBayes doesn't handle the POP3 login itself. As a proxy, it just passes the commands from the mail client (in this case, Outlook Express) on to the server and then analyzes the received messages for spam content. The username and password sent to the server should be the ones configured in Outlook Express.

  Are you certain that the problem is caused by a login failure? If the username/password is not being submitted correctly then you should get a connection error from Outlook Express. A copy of your log files might be helpful, although the SpamBayes proxy logs much less info than the Outlook addin. The Troubleshooting guide should tell you how to find the logs.

  Kenny Pitt

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  Cannot find anything on logon issues.  My POP3 requires a logon, and even tho I have set up Spambayes to Outlook Express as recommended, I never have emails to review, and I have stopped receiving emails.  I conclude that Spambayes is not connecting to my POP3 server because it cannot logon.  There was nothing in the instructions or FAQ about overcoming this problem.
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