[Spambayes] Wonderful tool!

Tim Lank family TKLank at GBRonline.com
Tue Mar 1 06:03:51 CET 2005


I've been using Spambayes for several weeks now and am extremely pleased and amazed with the performance.
I didn't train on a very large pile of spam, but it learns surprisingly fast.
I tweaked the filter to 10 & 60, but feel I will soon be able to toss my extensive MSOutlook subject line key word spam filter,
since Spambayes is learning from these as well.

One comment of which you are probably well aware-
The limited spam that makes it thru all seems to use the same countermeasure:
This spam contains a high percentage of unrelated text that appears to either be from a novel/book or words from a dictionary.
In some cases, this text is mildly concealed thru small and/or light font or else placing well beneath the main spam message.

Any advice on counter-countermeasures?
Will the algorithm learn formatting anomalies such as this and I should just be patient?

Tim Lank
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