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No expert I, but...

Marking messages "read" (or marking them in any other way) sends nothing to
anyone else. I suspect that you are confusing that with responding to the
sender to let them know that you wish to be "removed" from their list. That
does, in fact, notify them that yours is a legitimate address.

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Thank you for the response but maybe I need to try an explain this

I get a lot of junk mail for whatever reason.  I can open Outlook in the
morning, close it and come back in 4 or 5 hours and find a ton of spam once
again.  Lets say I get 80 spam emails in the morning, I review them then
close down Outlook and return later in the day to another 80 spam emails.
What I get with the product I was using is, it marked the previous emails in
a way that even though they were dumped into the same folder, I did not have
to remember where I end reviewing the new emails and start looking at the
old ones still in the folder.

I do not want to mark them read since it is my understanding that, that is
one way to let the spammers know you looked at it and they continue to send
you more spam.  Is that understanding correct? 

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> once I reviewed the Spam folder, I did
> not have to delete it or show it as read to have it identify
> to me which spam email I ended up reviewing the last time.  
> This then allowed me to keep the old ones for awhile, because
> sometimes I miss one I want to remove from Spam, so I can come
> back later to check the old ones.
> what I end up having to do with this is delete the ones I just 
> looked at because I can not remember where I left off the last
> time and the number just grows of unread emails in the Spam
> folder.   Is there a way to do this that I can not find? 

Your message looks like you are using Outlook, and therefore I assume the
Outlook plug-in.  If that is not the case, please let us know, as this reply
will be inappropriate.

If you want to automatically remove mail in a folder after a given number of
days, you can use the Outlook AutoArchive facility to do this (you can
choose to permanently remove mail rather than archive it in another .pst).

However, could you not simply mark all messages in the folder as read after
you examine it?  (Control-A, Control-Q).  Then it's just any messages that
are unread that you haven't examined.


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