[Spambayes] Multiple Instances

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 2 01:43:46 CET 2005

> is it possible to run SpamBayes on one machine with multiple 
> instances? I would need this because i have two different 
> mail servers and in SpamBayes i can only specify one server 
> to be connected to.

Which SpamBayes application is this?  If you are using sb_imapfilter, then,
yes, you can only specify one server (although this is fixed in CVS).
However, you can simply run multiple instances of imapfilter and that will

sb_server (the POP3 proxy) and the Outlook plug-in will work with however
many servers you have.

It sounds like you are using sb_server.  If that is the case, then you
simply enter in the servers in a comma separated list (the help text to the
right of the option in the web interface explain this).  Make sure that you
have the same number of local ports in the next option as you have servers
(again, comma separated), and all should work fine.


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