[Spambayes] help!

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 2 01:47:32 CET 2005

> After doing that I find that all Bad Spam is now
> not being sent to my deleted mail folder.

Only very old versions of SpamBayes let you set the Deleted Items folder as
the spam folder.  This is not a good idea.  FAQ 3.11 explains why:


> When going into spambayes manager, configuration wizard,
> then checked "I have already sorted good messages", examples
> of good messages can be found in "inbox" and examples of spam
> or unwanted messages can be found in......at that point I hit
> the browse button in my attempt to find "deleted mail folder",
> but to my surprise the Deleted Items folder that I have on my
> outlook folder list DOES NOT show up when a Browse!

Put the spam that you want to train on in a folder that is not in the
Deleted Items folder, and everything should work as you expect.

> Can you help me as everything spam/unwanted is going to the
> "suspected spam" folder!

If you go into the Manager (Filtering tab) and select a folder that is not
the Deleted Items folder, or any folder in the Deleted Items folder as the
spam folder, then everything should work again.  (You can run the Wizard
again if you wish, but it shouldn't be necessary).


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