[Spambayes] Auto delete of Spam after X number of days ormarksomehow

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 2 02:07:10 CET 2005

[Scott Whalen]
>> I do not want to mark them read since it is my understanding 
>> that, that is one way to let the spammers know you looked at 
>> it and they continue to send you more spam.  Is that 
>> understanding correct? 

[Kenneth Sole]
> Marking messages "read" (or marking them in any other way) 
> sends nothing to anyone else. I suspect that you are 
> confusing that with responding to the sender to let them know 
> that you wish to be "removed" from their list. That does, in 
> fact, notify them that yours is a legitimate address.

Or possibly also with actually reading the message (getting the mailer to
display it), which is not the same as marking it as read (in any mailer that
I am familiar with).  If the message has links to external content (images,
etc), and the mailer automatically retrieves that external content, then
it's possible to use those as "legitimate address" detectors.  They're
called web bugs or something like that.

However, Kenneth is right that (at least AFAIK) marking as read sends


* One more possible exception.  If you have your mailer to automatically
send "read receipts" when requested (this is a bad idea, anyway) then
marking as read probably does send the receipt.  It would be easy to test
that.  Confirming read receipts (for the 0.1% of people that use them)
manually fixes that, anyway.

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