[Spambayes] Auto delete of Spam after X number of days or marksomehow

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 2 02:10:31 CET 2005

> Here's the "best practice" I developed as I faced the same 
> issue as you did:
> 1. Configured SB to send the spam to a designated folder 
> (e.g. the predefined "Junk e-mail" in case of Outlook 2003). 
> Standard behavior so far. 2. I created another folder called 
> "all my spam" which in my case lives inside another PST file 
> (but does not have to be, of course). This conserves the size 
> of my main PST. 3. Every hour or so I scan the detected spam:
>   3.1 False positives are moved back to inbox (using the 
> button "recover from spam")
>   3.2 Move real spam to the "all my spam" folder
> 4. Sleep(3600); goto 3;

FWIW, this is essentially the same thing as I do, too.  In my case not to
keep track of what spam I've checked (I mark as read as well), but because
my spam folder is on an Exchange server, where space is expensive and
limited, and my "all my spam" folder is in a local pst file, where space is
cheap and essentially unlimited (since I keep all my spam).


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