[Spambayes] RE: [ 1113863 ] sb_tray eats all cpu tim

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Mar 3 04:17:06 CET 2005

> Thanks for the quick and informative reply.  My problem is 
> that my mail server/internet connection *is* available.  It's 
> just that I'm getting this behavior for some other reason.  A 
> timeout perhaps?

Sorry - I didn't re-read the bug report (there have been many complaints
about this not being fixed, which often don't take into account the
volunteer nature of the project).

The best solution really is to avoid these errors occurring, rather than to
simply quiet down the reporting of the errors (as the 'fix' in CVS does).
For many people, the errors were because their mail server tried to connect
when the server couldn't be reached.

> (As I said, I'm chaining Spambayes behind 
> ClamMail, which seems to be a bit unreliable.  I often have 
> to restart Thunderbird's downloading of multiple messages 
> (say, more than 5 at a time).

I suppose if the problem is due to buggy software upstream, then there's not
much you can do (other than getting that software fixed somehow).  If you
can copy one of the error messages that's choking the log to the list or on
the tracker it would be easy enough to verify that it's a timeout, or

If it is a timeout, then 1.0.x spambayes doesn't let you adjust the timeout
period, so there's no way of fixing it by doing that.  (This is also
something that has been addressed in CVS, and so will be in 1.1).

> This week has been ridiculously busy for me.  I may be able 
> to tackle putting together a package by this weekend or next 
> week.  Possibly.

Running from CVS source would solve the problem for you (almost certainly -
and if it doesn't, then the fix is flawed and I'll happily address that
ASAP), and wouldn't take long to do.

  1.  Uninstall SpamBayes (this leaves the configuration & training)
  2.  Install Python 2.4 (<http://python.org/download>) if you don't have it
  3.  Install a CVS client (e.g. <http://tortoisecvs.sf.net>) if you don't
have one already
  4.  Do an anonymous checkout of the spambayes CVS source (as described on
the CVS page of <http://sf.net/projects/spambayes>)
  5.  Run "c:\python24\python {...}\spambayes\windows\pop3proxy_tray.py"
(fixing the paths for wherever you put things) when you'd normally have run

(This should pick up the old configuration and training without any work).

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