[Spambayes] Problem with office 2003

klaus.berndl at sdm.de klaus.berndl at sdm.de
Thu Mar 3 19:02:04 CET 2005


i upgraded to office 2003 (incl. Outlook 2003) and now i can't start Outlook 2003 because appearantly that Spambayes version is used with my old Outlook XP does not work with Outlook 2003 - sorry, i can not say which version of Spambayes i use because i can not start Outlook... is it possible to start Outlook without  Spambayes addin? If you can tell me this then i could start Outlook 2003, deinstall or remove Spambayes from Outlook 2003 and then maybe reinstall a newer Spambayes-version which works with Outlook 2003 (if such a version exists?) - I have already deinstalled Spambayes from the Windows-system but this is not enough, Outlook seems to habe still some link to it because it still fails to startup...

Thansk for help in advance!
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