[Spambayes] Multiple Instances

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Mar 3 23:25:26 CET 2005

> One question anyway: Where are the untrained messages stored? 

In the unknown cache directory.  By default this will be a folder called
pop3proxy-unknown-cache in the same folder as your configuration file is.
You can change it in the Advanced configuration page.

> If i don´t train the filter for a week or so, the "Review 
> messages"-option get stuck because of thousands of untrained 
> mails.

Messages are expired out of the caches after a certain period of time (the
default is 7 days).  You can change the period of time (to 2 days, for
example), also on the Advanced configuration page.

There're also three other options (on the main configuration page): one that
turns off caching altogether (then you can't train via the review page, of
course), one that sets a limit on the size of messages that are cached (e.g.
only cache messages < 0.5k), and one that suppresses caching on bulk ham
(e.g. mailing lists).  These might also help.

> So i decided to simply delete these untrained 
> messages. But i can´t find them. I think that they are stored 
> in the ham-, spam- or unknown-folders, but how can i 
> differentiate the trained messages from the untrained messages?

The ham & spam folders have mail that has been trained as ham/spam only.
All mail waiting to be trained is in the unknown folder.


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