[Spambayes] 500 Server error

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Mar 4 05:47:52 CET 2005

> It appears that the error is not dependent on a particular
> message in the cache since all previous messages in the cache
> have already been cleared. When the cache is empty, the error
> appears on clicking Review message. Does this behaviour provide
> any new clues for you?

I don't understand how the error can occur when the cache is empty, since
the code that produces the error is only called when iterating through the
messages.  Are you positive that the cache(s) are empty, and that the error
is being freshly generated and is not from the browser cache?

> I have not had this problem before and I have been using Spambayes
> for a very long time.

That's the reason that I suspect that a particular message is at fault,
since nothing else has changed.

> So I feel it is not related to python or the email package.

The latest version (included with Python 2.4) of the email package is much
more robust at handling problems that occur when parsing messages.  This
problem occurs when parsing the message (or so the traceback indicates).
It's also very seldom seen, which hints that it might be something that is
fixed in 2.3 or 2.4 (since the vast majority of people will be using
SpamBayes with 2.3).


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