[Spambayes] imap filter hangs in training

Arne Evertsson arne at evertsson.com
Fri Mar 4 08:43:49 CET 2005

>>   50:28.67 < HBOM5 OK UID Completed
>> *  50:28.67 > HBOM6 UID FETCH 402002222 (FLAGS INTERNALDATE)
>> "5-Feb-2005 13:00:4 1 +0100" UID 402002222)
>>   50:28.92 < HBOM6 OK UID Completed
>>   50:28.92 > HBOM7 APPEND INBOX (\ANSWERED \SEEN) "5-Feb-2005 13:00:41
>> +0100" {3
>> 155}

>Even stranger.  It's storing the classified copy of the message, but that's
>only 3Kb, so it shouldn't take very long.  Do you ever have any other
>problems connecting to the IMAP server?  Is your mail client open or closed
>while you do this?  If open, try running imapfilter with it closed and see
>if that makes any difference.

Open or closed makes no difference. And I usually don't have any trouble
connecting with my mail client.

I also tried without my pretrained hammie.db and spambayes.messageinfo.db
(from running the Outlook plugin), but the result is the same.

/Arne Evertsson

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