[Spambayes] SpamBayes problems

Gregory Laikind gplaikind at kurschatco.com
Sat Mar 5 20:20:03 CET 2005

I am running SpamBayes Outlook Addin v 1.0.3 in Outlook 2000 SP3 on Windows XP SP2.  

I have set up a Rules Wizard filter that will move any mail not from specific addresses to a folder named "Quarantine" and to allow all others to pass into my "Inbox" folder.

I have set up SpamBayes to watch both my Inbox and Quarantine folders, and move items from there to either "Junk Suspects" or "Junk E-Mail."

Outlook was doing a good job of filtering, but SpamBayes wasn't catching hardly any of the spam.  Even when they were nearly identical to previously trained spam.

I completely removed Spambayes, assuming that the training had become corrupted.  I deleted all of the extra files and folders not removed at uninstall, including:
C:\Documents and Settings\gplaikind\Local Settings\Temp\spambayes1.log, etc.
C:\Documents and Settings\gplaikind\Application Data\SpamBayes
and C:\Program Files\SpamBayes

After reinstalling and training, these four were classified as 0%, but are nearly identical to all the spam I trained Spambayes was Junk Email.

I've included the four log files from the first install and the two from the new install.

As far as I can tell, these spam are simply avoiding offensive language and are relying on links to images that include gibberish.  But since each gibberish link is unique, they ALL get through.  In the example of the included four messages, there are essentially two pairs of identical gibberish links.  But the gibberish is changed in nearly every email, so if each one is considered a unique token, and the rest of the language in the email is normal conversational language, thenm the whole statistical filter thing that relies on unique tolens would seem to be completely useless.

One thing else is that I was testing prior to the reinstall, by copying trained "100%" spam and putting a fresh copy into my Inbox, marked as unread, and then running the "Filter Now" option.  In every case, the copies, which were in every aspect identical to trained spam, were classified as ham.  How can that be?!?!!!

I'm not without hope, but the problem is terribly frustrating.  Please let me know if there is a solution.

If you need to see any other files, let me know and I'll add them.



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