[Spambayes] How to Change the URL for the User Interface

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Mon Mar 7 04:02:50 CET 2005

It's probably the machine's name at port 8880, however you want to refer to 
it. In my case gandalf:8880 should work, or It's not in 
the scripts anywhere. With appropriate permissions, you could configure 
spambayes or review the messages processed from another machine.

It's just that localhost always works. I guess by that logic, should always work too.

At 10:06 PM 3/6/2005 -0500, Mike Blonder wrote:
>Does anyone know the script where the UI URL is specified?  I want to change
>it from "localhost" to the IP address of the spambayse server.  Thanks for
>any tips you may have on where to set this.
>I checked "bayescustomize.ini" and could not find a setting there.
>Spambayes at python.org
>Check the FAQ before asking: http://spambayes.sf.net/faq.html

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