[Spambayes] SpamAssasin and SpamBayes question

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 8 02:19:17 CET 2005

> This is my question: We've been using SpamBayes (Outlook
> plug-in) at every user's Windows PC. I don't want to start
> dropping spam messages (for now). I just need to modify the
> headers so my current SpamBayes plug-ins installations move
> the Spam to the Junk mail folder.
> Is there any header that SpamBayes automatically detect it
> as Spam ? I don't really want the client checking Bayesian
> rules if my SpamAssasin gateway already detected it as SPAM.

No, you can't do this with SpamBayes (it's a filter, not a mail manager),
but you can do it with just plain Outlook.  You can setup a rule to move
messages to a folder based on a header value, which would do this.  As long
as SpamBayes is using background processing, then that rule will run before
it does, so it won't filter any of those messages (as long as the
destination folder isn't being filtered).


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