[Spambayes] unbounded "warning: unhandled exception"

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 8 02:48:29 CET 2005

> Dick H got back to me separately and pointed me at a logged 
> error that indicated this could be cause by a loss of connectivity.  
> Given that I had lost connectivity over night (and that Eudora
> had continued checking email during that time) this seemed
> extremely likely.

Yes, if Eudora was trying to check for mail, and the connection failed, then
SpamBayes would log that error.  If there were a lot of fails, then there
would be a lot of logged errors.

> This means that I have to wait until 1.1 to go back to using 
> SpamBayes, since I have many situations of uneven or intermittent 
> connectivity.  (I had connectivity drop 3 times while composing
> this reply.

I presume that if you could fix this, you would (it's the real problem).
The error should only get generated once for each time Eudora tries to check
for new mail (if that isn't the case, I would be interested in knowing).  So
if you set Eudora to only check for mail every (eg) 15 minutes, you'd only
get the error reported 4 times an hour, which wouldn't result in a very big


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