[Spambayes] unbounded "warning: unhandled exception"

Joel M. Halpern joel at stevecrocker.com
Tue Mar 8 05:02:36 CET 2005

The setup is quite simple, with Eudora pointing at SpamBayes, and SpamBayes 
pointing at my external mail server.

The long time to detect failure seems for Eudora to occur with and without 
SpamBayes, so I don't think SpamBayes is changing the indication, just that 
the interaction seems to be producing a vast rate of errors.  This is 
consistent with the other error reports of CPU being pegged.


At 09:46 PM 3/7/2005, Tony Meyer wrote:
> > It seems likely that the error is generated more than once
> > for each attempt to check mail.
> > Eudora is configured to check mail every 5 minutes.
>Can anyone else that has experienced this problem verify this?  If I unplug
>my network cable (to simulate a loss of connection), then I get one error
>message ("Can't connect to pop.ihug.co.nz:110: (7, 'getaddrinfo failed')")
>every time Eudora (6.0) tries to check for mail (manually, or via the
>timer).  I tried pulling the plug in the midst of downloading messages, and
>that didn't change the result.
>There seem to be two separate cases of this.  One has the "getaddrinfo
>failed" error that I can duplicate, and the other has the "unhandled
>exception" error.  I don't know what it is that causes that - can anyone
>generate that error repeatedly?  Is it just by removing the network
>Are you using SpamBayes with all defaults in a normal sort of setup, without
>other things chained in the way, and so forth?
> > I cleared out 40 gigabytes of log, and had a 4 gigabyte log
> > inside of 4 hours (it may have been even faster.)
>That's writing this error nearly 10,000 times per second
>(10**9/60/60/len("warning: unhandled exception\n")).  Whatever is happening,
>it's happening pretty quickly.
> > I notice that when I don't have network connectivity, it
> > takes a long time for Eudora to fail when checking email.
>With and without SpamBayes?
> > My guess is that something about the current interaction is
> > not making the problem clear to Eudora, and therefore resulting
> > in a LOT of interactions, each of which produce an error line.
>Errors simply pass through SpamBayes, so it'll get whatever the mail server
>is sending.
>As above, if anyone can give me steps to generate an "unhandled exception"
>error, then I'll happily look into this.  For the moment, I can't think of
>anything that SpamBayes would do that would cause 10,000 unhandled
>exceptions per second.
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