[Spambayes] SpamAssasin and SpamBayes question

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I think your best bet would be to define an Outlook rule to dump all messages displaying the marker put there by your server-side spam filters. That way you're not trying to make Spambayes do something it wasn't designed to do (i.e., use a selection criterion other than its standard filtering algorithm). As is often mentioned in this forum, Spambayes and Outlook rules are both asynchronous and don't play very well together. But in this case you don't care, since Spambayes will soon learn to treat the marker as a strong spam clue, and the effect is the same, whether it's Outlook or Spambayes that rejects a given message.
This question arose at least once before, and I think someone offered this same advice. 


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I'm planning to setup an email gateway for my Microsoft Exchange servers. The idea is to set it up with Amavis, this one calling SpamAssasin and ClamAV. 
This is my question: We've been using SpamBayes (Outlook plug-in) at every user's Windows PC. I don't want to start dropping spam messages (for now). I just need to modify the headers so my current SpamBayes plug-ins installations move the Spam to the Junk mail folder.
Is there any header that SpamBayes automatically detect it as Spam ? I don't really want the client checking Bayesian rules if my SpamAssasin gateway already detected it as SPAM.
Am I clear ?
Thanks a lot. 

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