[Spambayes] three kind of messages, three actions to be taken

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 8 23:52:03 CET 2005

> As there are three kind of messages, there should be three
> actions to take over three kind of folders (in one click)

What are the three kinds of messages?  From the SpamBayes point of view,
these would be ham, unsure, and spam.  However, your message seems to
indicate that you'd say that it was ham-to-discard, ham-to-keep, and spam.

SpamBayes doesn't get involved in organising mail apart from classifying as
one of ham/unsure/spam.  Whether ham or spam is kept, archived, or deleted
is completely up to the user.  Outlook does have a good auto-archive
facility to assist with this.

I also don't understand what you mean by "three actions to take over three
kind of folders".  Do you mean that there should be three buttons rather
than the existing "Delete as Spam" and "Recover from Spam"?  Or do you mean
that there should be three sets of actions in the Filtering tab/process.


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