[Spambayes] Problem

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 9 00:44:56 CET 2005

> I already sent an email a week ago. I have not received any 
> info back. 

>From the same email address?  To spambayes at python.org?  AFAICT I never
received such an email, and it's not in the archives for the list, so it
doesn't appear to have made it through.  Did you get the auto-reply?

> About a month ago, the Spambayes just stopped dead checking my email. 
> Why? It was working very well in the "training". All of a sudden, it 
> stopped any training. I am still receiving some spam. So, I should be 
> still having "training" to do.

Which SpamBayes application are you using?  Sb_server? Sb_imapfilter? The
Outlook plug-in?  What mail client are you using?  Outlook Express, Eudora,
Thunderbird, Outlook?

Is the problem with checking (i.e. filtering/classifying) your mail, or with
training SpamBayes, or with both?  Your message says one, then the other.

What happens when you try to classify/train?  Do you get an error message?

Do your log files have any error messages in them?  The logs are in the
Windows temp directory (or, if you are not using Windows, are output to
stdout/stderr).  The Troubleshooting Guide explains where to find them.


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