[Spambayes] unbounded "warning: unhandled exception"

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 9 03:06:41 CET 2005


Ok, I've tracked this down.  The reason for this occurring is complex (an
explanation is in a message I just posted, if anyone is interested), but
basically this problem will occur if:

  (1) You are using Python 2.4 (1.0.3 is built with Python 2.4)
  (2) A connection to the mail server cannot be established
  (3) The DNS lookup succeeds

It will only take one fail (unfortunately) to enter into a continual loop
with the (very unhelpful) asyncore "warning: unhandled exception" message
being printed out.  The fix I checked in for the original report of large
logs (which did not have #3, which results in the "getaddrinfo failed"
error, which is only printed once per attempt), would not fix this, as the
error never gets from asyncore to SpamBayes.

I've checked in a fix that works for me simulating these conditions, so I'm
pretty confident it will work for others as well.  So the solution is to:

  (1) Use Python 2.3 (1.0.1 or run from source)
  (2) Use 1.1 when it is released (or CVS head) optionally with Python 2.4
  (3) Convince me to do a 1.0.4 release with either this fix or built with
Python 2.3, and use that.


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