[Spambayes] Doesn't load

Mackey, Don don.mackey at neparentchild.org
Wed Mar 9 16:37:10 CET 2005

Using SpamBayes in Outlook 2000

I'm a LAN Tech Specialist and loaded SpamBayes on my PC (Outlook 2000)
without a problem.  I do have full admin rights to my PC.

I've been trying to install SpamBayes for some executive users that do not
have Admin rights to their PC's.
After creating the SpamBayes folder under Program Files I gave all users
full access to that folder.
Everything seemed to run/load without errors but the SpamBayes is not
enabled in Outlook.  

I loaded the program from here:

This is the log file:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "addin.py", line 1546, in ?
  File "win32com\server\register.pyc", line 483, in UseCommandLine
  File "win32com\server\register.pyc", line 413, in RegisterClasses
  File "win32com\server\register.pyc", line 181, in RegisterServer
  File "win32com\server\register.pyc", line 32, in _set_string
pywintypes.error: (5, 'RegSetValue', 'Access is denied.')

After reading the troubleshooting guide I'm still having trouble getting the
program to load.
Can anyone help me out?  This program is new to me but it works well on my
Would really like to get it working for our Executive Secretary.  Are there
other rights I must adjust in some other location?  I'm stuck!

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