[Spambayes] Toolbar Items Failing to Work

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Mar 10 02:44:27 CET 2005

> bsddb._db.DBRunRecoveryError: (-30978, 'DB_RUNRECOVERY:
> Fatal error, run database recovery -- PANIC: Invalid argument')
> Any suggestions to correct the problem would be much
> appreciated (i.e. how to run a database recovery .)

Unfortunately the only way to get past this is to retrain from scratch.
Doing this via the Manager dialog (tick the "rebuild entire database" box)
should work, or you can manually delete the default_bayes_database.db file.

This sort of database corruption is extremely rare (I think I've seen only
one case of the "PANIC: Invalid argument" problem reported before).  This
means you shouldn't ever see it again - if it does end up happening again,
or if you can somehow cause it to happen, we'd be very interested to know

The recovery utility referred to in the error doesn't apply to the way in
which SpamBayes uses the bsddb database library, unfortunately.  (And bsddb
generates the error message).


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