[Spambayes] RE: Spambayes outlook plugin

Coe, Bob rcoe at CambridgeMA.GOV
Thu Mar 10 15:36:53 CET 2005

In my experience the spam folders themselves seldom, if ever, get filtered. So the fact that you can't filter a public folder may not be a show stopper.


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> > If you're using Exchange, there's no obvious reason why
> > you couldn't make your spam folders be public folders,
> > which can have permissions assigned to them. (I haven't
> > tried it, but the public folders do show up in the Spambayes
> > browse lists.)
> If you do try this, I would be interested to know if it works.  There is an
> open bug report (or two, maybe?) that describe problems with filtering
> public folders.  As Bob said, the folders do show up in the lists, and
> unfortunately that's as far as I can test, because I don't have the ability
> to create a public folder to pay around with.  It may be that filtering
> public folders just doesn't work.  It might also be that it's a simple fix
> to get them to.  I'm just not sure.
> =Tony.Meyer

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