[Spambayes] Plugin interaction with Outlook rules?

Kenneth Sole sole at soleassociates.com
Mon Mar 14 00:19:57 CET 2005

Hi David,
No expert I, but...
It is my understanding that you would delay the action of SpamBayes
rather than delaying the Outlook rules.
Look in SpamBayes Manager | Advanced. You can set the delay there. It
may take a bit of tweaking but it will work. Outlook will do its rules
thing, then SB will kick in.
All the best,



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Subject: [Spambayes] Plugin interaction with Outlook rules?

I just installed the SpamBayes plugin in Outlook 2003, and it is working
wonderfully!  Thanks to all who have contributed to this solution.

I am wondering if there is a way to have Outlook delay processing of On
Arrival rules until after the SpamBayes plugin takes action.

For example, if I want to set up an Outlook rule to play a sound or to
forward messages to a wireless device, I really don't want such a rule
to be run until after SpamBayes has processed the message.

BTW, I am having SpamBayes filter IMAP inboxes.  Currently, SpamBayes
will process the message, and if spam, will move from the IMAP inbox to
the Junk folder.  However the Outlook On Arrival rules will continue to
process the message as though it had not been deleted.

Any ideas on how to solve this while still using the Outlook plugin?
I'd love to be able to use Outlook rules in conjunction with the
SpamBayes plugin.  Thanks for any suggestions.

David Rueter
drueter at assyst.com 

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