[Spambayes] RE: Huge Log File - Over 13GB in Size

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 15 23:20:45 CET 2005

> I have not been able to reproduce this problem, either when 
> offline from my Exchange server at work or when unconnected 
> to my home POP3 server. The address of the POP3 server 
> doesn't get resolved by DNS, but does appear in a HOSTS file. 
> I'd think that would be sufficient to trigger the problem, 
> but I guess it isn't. I use Outlook 2000 with Windows XP Pro SP2.

I wrote this:

Do you get a single getaddrinfo() failed error?  If I (also XP SP2) just
unplug my network connection, that's what I get.  To trigger it, I had to
enter the POP3 address as an IP address and unplug the network connection.

I believe that Python's socket module just calls getaddrinfo() on whatever
is given, whether domain name or IP address, so it's up to the underlying C
library what it does.  Perhaps XP's winsock doesn't try the HOSTS file?
(Mine only has localhost).

Then I clicked: you're using the Outlook plug-in, and I believe everyone
that experiences this problem is using sb_server (because the Outlook
plug-in doesn't get involved in mail delivery).  So unless you are actually
using sb_server, you won't be able to reproduce it.


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