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cecconi rnb at
Fri Mar 18 19:16:08 CET 2005

I spoke too soon!

Now what's happening is that the Spambayes checkbox in
[Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->COM Plug-ins list] won't stay
checked. I check the box, I click OK, and if I click COM plug-ins again, the
box is unchecked.

What do I do now?!?




Hi Tony,

I couldn't see any "Disabled Items" in Help->About Microsoft Outlook, but,

Spambayes was disabled in Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->COM
Plug-ins list. I think I had disabled it once while going through all the
FAQs on the SB site. As I had then gone through so many uninstall/re-install
cycles, I hadn't thought that it might need resetting.

It all seems to be working OK now. Thanks very much for your help.



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And this is definitely not Outlook disabling the plug-in?  i.e. you've
checked Help->About Microsoft Outlook->Disabled Items,

and the
Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->COM Plug-ins list?

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