[Spambayes] Introduction and Wondering if it is possible to limitemails in review

Kenneth Sole sole at soleassociates.com
Sun Mar 20 16:49:22 CET 2005

Hi Brian,

No expert I, but...

If you are using Outlook, the process is simple:

Just set up rules to move list mail to any folders you wish, then,
after the rules move things around, have SpamBayes (which has a delay
function for this reason) act on the new messages in your Inbox. That
works well for me.

All the best,



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      I've been trying various anti-spam solutions and spambayes is
the most promising one I have tried to date.  It is almost always
accurate in identifying spam.
    My problem is that I subscribe to many email lists a lot of those
have no spam and if possible I would like to not show emails addressed
to certain particular email lists.  Is this possible?  and if so, how
do I implement this limiting.

I am running windows 2000.

Best regards,

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