[Spambayes] HELP, HELP

Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 16:52:09 CET 2005

Bill Mandakis wrote: 
> I have tried for two months to contact you. It is obvious you do not want
> to be contacted. Except for this email link (which has not been working
> apparently), I do not know how to get to you.

I'm sorry that you feel like your question has been ignored.  Please
remember that this is an open-source project staffed entirely by volunteers
who have other commitments that must sometimes take precedence over this
project.  Yes, this mailing list is the only way to contact "support" for
SpamBayes, and we try our best to answer every question we receive.
Unfortunately, some questions do fall through the cracks.

> PROBLEM: I downloaded this program and installed it. It seemed to be
> working pretty well. I was about to send you a little money because I have
> been looking for a decent anti SPAM program. However, all of a sudden, it
> stopped seeing the email. It seems to set up correctly (worked before). It
> says "There are no untrained messages to display. Return Home, or check
> again.". I am still receiving SPAM for which I cannot "train". I tried a
> reinstall (although I did not uninstall first). I am about to uninstall
> good. As one last chance, PLEASE give me some help. It has not picked up
> ONE email for about 2 months. 

First, we'll need to know a little more information about your environment.
What version number of SpamBayes did you download and install?  Which
SpamBayes application are you running (sounds like probably sb_server, but
we can't tell for sure)?  What operating system and version are you running?
What mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Evolution,
Kmail, etc.) and version are you running?

Pending that additional information, the most common cause when someone says
that the proxy version of SpamBayes is not seeing any e-mail messages is
that the mail client is still configured to point directly at the mail
server instead of pointing at the SpamBayes proxy.  Note that the
installation won't do this setup for you, so reinstalling won't help if this
is the problem.

First, check the mail server configuration in your mail client.  If it is
pointing to a server at your ISP or mail provider then you are bypassing
SpamBayes.  The mail client should be configured to get mail from
"localhost" on whatever port you have configured SpamBayes to listen on
(default is 110).  SpamBayes then needs to be configured in the Web UI to
talk to your mail server.  If you are still receiving mail in your mail
client then you should be able to look at the complete headers for one of
the received messages.  If you don't see a "X-Spambayes-Classification: ..."
header then SpamBayes is not processing the message and you are almost
certainly receiving it directly from your mail server.

Kenny Pitt

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