[Spambayes] How do I find Junk Email

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 22 23:26:43 CET 2005

> How do I find the "Junk Email" and "Suspect Email" folders.
> This is not obvious to me.

You selected them when you configured SpamBayes (probably using the Wizard),
or at least accepted the defaults, so if you can remember back to then, then
there's the answer.  If not, then open up the Manager dialog and go to the
Filtering tab.  The folders are selected there - you can look at which ones
they are, or change them.

> I have searched for "Junk" using the Windows search function
> and nothing is found. 

The Windows search function is for finding files and directories only - it
will not find any mail or folders inside Outlook (you'll want to use the
Outlook search function for that).

> Most of the "Help" buttons do not work.  For example, when I 
> choose Help>About Spambayes, I get a message that says "Can't
> find about.html".  This happens for Trouble Shooting Guide also. 
> None of the "Browse" buttons work in Spam Bayes Manager under
> the Filtering Tab. 

This sounds like a very broken install.  I highly recommend uninstalling and
then reinstalling.  All of those should work.

> I can see that messages are coming in by going to the Website of
> my ISP, but most are not appearing in my Outlook Inbox, probably 
> because they are going to the Junk Email or Suspect Email folders
> that I can't find. Whenever I open Spambayes Manager the "Enable
> Spambayes" box is unchecked. 

If that box isn't checked, then SpamBayes isn't running, so it's not moving
your mail.  Check that you don't have a filter on your mail, as described in
FAQ 3.12:



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