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Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 22 04:18:14 CET 2005

> In reinstalled SpamBayes  1.0.3 on this new machine but
> the entries still present in Outlook 2003 did not work
> properly. In fact they just seemed to have no action at all.
> In deleted the SpamBayes toolbar from Outlook2003 and quitted
> Outlook. I deinstalled SpamBayes and then reinstalled it.
> I started Outlook2003 again but the SpamBayes toolbar did not reappear.
> How access it from Outlook 2003 ?
> When installing SpamBayes, I got an error message at the end
> in file "outlook_addin_register.exe.log". I join this file to
> current message. This error message seems quite normal because
> 'J:\\TMP\\spambayes1.log' is non existing on the new machine,
> disk J does no longer exist on machine B. 
> Does this error message explain my problem ? How can I find a 
> workaround and use SpamBayes correctly on my new machine ?

Yes, this error explains the problem.  Your machine is set so that the
Windows 'temp' directory is J:\TMP, which does not exist.  This will cause
many problems with many programs.  You need to fix that (very likely you can
do this by going to the System control panel, then to Environment Variables,
and changing it there).  Once this is done, and you have a valid 'temp'
directory, you should be able to start SpamBayes (it needs the temp
directory to put the log files in).


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