[Spambayes] Introduction and Wondering if it is possible to limitemails in review

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Mar 22 01:35:02 CET 2005

> My problem is that I subscribe to many email lists a lot of those
> have no spam and if possible I would like to not show emails addressed
> to certain particular email lists.  Is this possible?  and if so, how
> do I implement this limiting.

Kenneth's answer should work for Outlook - if you're not using Outlook,

By "show", I presume you mean "show in the review list on the web
interface"?  There is an option (Advanced Configuration Page) to turn off
caching (and therefore display in the review page) of "bulk" (not spam!)
messages, which are typically mailing list messages.  This will probably do
what you want, as long as the mailing lists are nicely configured.

However, this will stop caching for all mailing lists (that have the
precedence: bulk header) - there's no way to put a user-defined filter on
the review page.


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