RESEND: [Spambayes] spambayes corruption

Tony Meyer tameyer at
Wed Mar 23 07:23:30 CET 2005

> I spoke too soon!
> Now what's happening is that the Spambayes checkbox in 
> [Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->COM Plug-ins list] 
> won't stay checked. I check the box, I click OK, and if I 
> click COM plug-ins again, the box is unchecked.
> What do I do now?!?

What version of Outlook is this?  It does sound a lot like the behaviour of
Outlook 2002/2003 when a plug-in is disabled (you said you couldn't see any
disabled items - were there none, or was the button not there?  It won't be
there with Outlook 2000).

Have you tried using 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.3?  I can't think of any reason
why 1.0.3 would cause problems, but there are significant differences, and
it would be worth a go.

If the box isn't staying ticked, then Outlook is doing that for some reason,
so it's a case of figuring out why that is.


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