[Spambayes] retrain from scratch

Katz, Amir Amir_Katz at bmc.com
Wed Mar 23 09:12:56 CET 2005

I completely agree with the design decision that [un/re]install leaves the
training/config data untouched. However, is there an option to get rid of
them, for those unheard-of cases where a user absolutely, positively wants
to get rid of all traces of SB? Or are the steps to do so documented
anywhere? Not that I would ever do that, God forbid, but just curious...

IMO, every well-designed and well-behaved app should provide a mechanism to
completely uninstall, including data, registry changes, folders and what


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> I've made SpamBayes 1.03 training mistakes using the 
> sb_server program and want to retrain from scratch.  Short of 
> uninstalling/reinstalling the whole program, how do I do this?

Actually, uninstalling/reinstalling won't do this.  Training and
configuration data is deliberately left untouched.

> I already wiped-out the pop3proxy-ham/spam/unknown-caches and 
> retrained attempting to keep the ham and spam folders equal.

The caches are just the mail waiting to be reviewed, or mail that has
recently been reviewed.

> Is it actually the huge (10,552,992 DB file type) hammie.db file
> in C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\SpamBayes\Proxy\ that I have to reset?
> And if so, how?

Yes, and you should really get rid of the spambayes.messageinfo.db file,
too.  Just delete the two of them (when SpamBayes is not running).


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