[Spambayes] Problems With Eudora

Kenny Pitt kenny.pitt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 20:28:52 CET 2005

Dave Dexter wrote:
> Running Win2kPro with latest service packs, SpamBayes v1.0.3. My most
> recent log file is attached. Log file 3 is 99,144 kb in size and
> begins: 

> Listener on port 1110 is proxying pop3.direcway.com:1110
> Listener on port 1120 is proxying pop.gmail.com:1120

I think this is where your problem is.  You are trying to connect to the
same ports on your remote POP3 servers that you are using as your proxy
ports in SpamBayes.  I think what you really want for your remote server
configuration is pop3.direcway.com:110 and pop.gmail.com:110.

> and consists thereafter of unhandled exception messages. Log 4 is
> 5,251,740 
> kb long and I can't open it.

This is a known problem in 1.0.3.  If sb_server fails to connect to your
POP3 server then it will fill up your log with messages.  The problem is
already fixed in latest CVS source, and a 1.0.4 version should be available
soon with this fix.

I think the root cause in your case, however, is that the connection failure
was triggered by misconfiguration of your remote servers as described above.

Kenny Pitt

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