[Spambayes] retrain from scratch

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Mar 23 23:14:05 CET 2005

> I completely agree with the design decision that 
> [un/re]install leaves the training/config data untouched. 
> However, is there an option to get rid of them, for those 
> unheard-of cases where a user absolutely, positively wants to 
> get rid of all traces of SB? Or are the steps to do so 
> documented anywhere? Not that I would ever do that, God 
> forbid, but just curious...

IIRC, the only place it's documented is in the archives of this list.  The
answer is just to delete the SpamBayes directory in /Documents and
Settings/{username}/Application Data (assuming Windows).  (Unless you've set
things up to go in different places, in which case you're on your own).

> IMO, every well-designed and well-behaved app should provide 
> a mechanism to completely uninstall, including data, registry 
> changes, folders and what not.

I agree.  I hope to get this into the 1.1 (maybe a2) uninstaller - an
(unticked by default) box that says something like "Remove all training and
configuration data".  It's on my list of things to do (there are other
changes I'm planning on making to the installer, like providing a "install
for all users" option for the plug-in, so I'll do it at the same time), but
I don't think there's a feature request open or anything.


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